Our products

Intuitive, Fast, Secure

Faster execution of projects

  • Create standards to implement good practices
  • Copying of entire projects or selected elements
  • Instant access to project information
  • The company employs over 100 employees
  • 30% increased timeliness of performed tasks

Optimal use of company employees

  • Allocating the right employees to the right activities
  • Intelligent employee selection planning module, based on positions and competences
  • Information on the availability of employees (e.g. holidays, business trips)

All project documentation in one place

  • Full text search and quick access
  • Only available to authorized users

Built-in project management tools

  • Balance Score Card
  • Risk assessment and analysis module
  • Fully configurable KANBAN board
  • Decisions registration (who, when, what)
  • Visualize project phases and milestones in a Gantt chart
  • Employee competency matrix
  • Automated system for planning, budgeting and project scope control
  • Resource availability calendar
  • Employee portal

Instant access to the information you need

  • Flexible categorization of documents in the system
  • Access from the mobile application
  • Easy search by content of documents
  • Quick search of related documents (e.g. order with invoice)

Easily configurable business processes

  • Built-in, intuitive graphical workflow process designer
  • Process versioning
  • The current status of the process with the history of activities and decisions performed

Automation of business processes

  • Defining document templates (e.g. contract with a subcontractor)
  • Faster document registration thanks to artificial intelligence
  • Remote digitization of documents thanks to the Shodann mobile app

Increased company data security

  • An extensive authorization model taking into account the organizational structure, roles, projects
  • Audit trail - each change is registered with the information: who, when, what, how
  • Integration with LDAP systems (e.g. MS Active Directory)
  • Meeting the requirements of the GDPR (encrypted storage of personal data)

Incident Digitalization

Incident reporting never was simpler. Shodann provide end-to-end solution from reporting to prevention action closout.

  • Dedicated application for iOS and Android for event registration
  • Any classification of events
  • Possibility to attach photos
  • Real-time notifications
  • Fully customizable process from registration to mitigation
  • Analytical module support

Typical use cases

  • Registration of health and safety events
  • Acceptance/execution documentation/audits

System screenshots

Incident Details
Incorporated Statistical Analysis
Kanabn process for incident monitoring
Dedicated Mobile App iOS and Android

TIME is your most expensive resource!

Shodann Visual Factory is based on the principle of using a common and universal currency which is TIME

Transforming your business is not an easy process. To do it, you need innovative systems that will improve your business. Visualizing your productivity is the first step to improving it. Shodann Visual Factory allows you to easily and quickly meet this challenge.

Shodann Visual Factory will show you:

How much time did you spend producing bad products / services?
How much time did you spend producing good products / services?
What was the downtime? What are the main factors that have delayed you?