Achieve 100% success through digitized Project Portfolio with Document Digitization

How much time would be saved by having your complete project portfolio online and instantly accessible?
What could be achieved with the time that would save?

Shodann’s Lean Six Sigma Management approach will give you and your team:
  • Complete project clarity
  • Total financial control
  • Cross departmental team collaboration
  • Risk analysis & management

Clear Project Vision

Each project starts with these questions:
  • WHY are we doing it, and is it feasible?
  • WHAT results do we want?
  • WHAT Return On Investment will we see?
  • WHAT resources will we need, and do we have them?
  • HOW will we record project milestones and what will they show us?

Project Portfolio with Document Digitization:

  • Helping you to clearly define WHY after the WHAT and HOW have been established.
  • Project Charter covers all aspects of the project
  • Gannt charts to aid with planning
  • Resource Module that helps you to find and build a team based on the right skills and experience for the project.
  • 20% of project success

Financial Control

Because we know that this is the information you’ll want to have instant access to:
  • Gross Margin
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Cost Accuracy

Project Portfolio with Document Digitization:

  • Providing ‘real-time’ cost tracking and financial reporting
  • Budget adjustments that are version controlled
  • Aggregated cost reports by category
  • 40% of project success

Team Collaboration

Project complexity across departments and company boundaries can raise a few issues:
  • Sharing of information
  • Instant access to information
  • Team involvement, expectations and engagement

Project Portfolio with Document Digitization:

  • All data is always available
  • Mobile Application - information on the go
  • Team Activities Management - log and control collaborative actions
  • Document Repository - online and all in one place
  • Project Dashboard - an ‘at a glance’ overview, enabling you to make the right decisions at the right time
  • Issue, Action & Decision Log - for total project accountability
  • 60% of project success

Paperless System

A paper system creates many time wasting challanges such as:
  • Documents lost in transit
  • Documents unable to be located
  • Time wasted searching for the right document
  • Security - getting into the wrong hands
  • Accountability - who’s approved it?
  • Version Control - is it the most current version?

Project Portfolio with Document Digitization:

  • Everything you need to run a project is quickly and efficiently digitized, using precreated templates to save you time
  • Document approval and permission control via a simple digital signature process
  • Quick search function reduces time wastage
  • Documented project workflow provides instant project status information
  • 80% of project success

Risk Management

Unidentified or badly managed risks can mean your project does not achieve its goals, by affecting:
  • Milestone deadlines and project delivery
  • Project Performance
  • Budget usage
  • Return On Investment

Project Portfolio with Document Digitization:

  • Help your team to take control of risk assessment
  • Spot, classify and document the risk instantly
  • Prioritise the risk based on probability and impact
  • Create a mitigation plan
  • Control mitigation activities
  • Reduce future risks
  • 100% of project success

Positive Change Recognition

The most important asset you have is your employees
  • Recognising and rewarding your team will create better results
  • Provide instant training
  • Encourage a Positive Change Culture

Project Portfolio with Document Digitization:

  • Reward your team based on the results they achieve
  • Document skills learnt and information gained throught project development
  • Create a digitized knowledge bank that can be used for whole company improvement
  • Generate Positive Change

Make your business goals happen faster!