Time is all we have! Welcome to Shodann Visual Factory!

As Steve Jobs said: “It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is TIME

Want to maximise that resource? It’s time for Shodann Visual Factory

This custom software will get your business moving faster, because TIME is your most vital resource, and because you want to make the right decisions at the right TIME.

Here’s what Shodann Visual Factory will tell you:
  • How much time is wasted or idle
  • Where lost time is being used up, precisely and by category
  • How much TIME is actually being used to produce products or services

Visual Factory is the only portal you’ll ever need to see process performance, real TIME!

So you’ll be able to see available TIME , down TIME , and recovery TIME , and make smarter decisions that will maximise productive TIME.

Visual Factory’s built in analytics will guide you and your business to be more productive and efficient, whilst making it easier for you, your team and your stakeholders to have complete clarity of whole company performance.

Talk to us today about Visual Factory and:
  • Maximise your most valuable resource – TIME
  • Watch REAL-TIME improvements
  • Become a leaner, more profitable business