Here at Shodann we share a common vision of partnering with clients to execute strategies that help them achieve high performance. We have combined outstanding IT capabilities with Lean Six Sigma expertise to provide companies with processes and solutions to accelerate innovation and drive sustained improvement.
Wojciech Siemiatkowski, CTO Shodann Ltd.
Wojciech Siemiątkowski, CTO Shodann Ltd.

Software Capabilities.

In Shodann we believe in people and agile way of software development with not negotiable quality. Our products are developed to be intuitive and user friendly. We provide software development outsourcing. Our validation team make sure that products meet regulatory requirements.

Jacek Bobrownicki, COO Shodann Ltd.
Jacek Bobrownicki, COO Shodann Ltd.

Continuous improvement.

If you want to be the driving force behind business improvement, we’ll get you there. You’ll be able to implement change as it happens, because our software monitors and reports performance across your organisation.

Our fast Innovation approach provides clients with the strategic and operational framework and tools to accelerate innovation and drive sustained improvements. Our mission is to provide excellent software solutions for 
world class companies.